Our partners

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.
This is the reason why we maintain consistent, trustful relationships with companies and organizations that complement our services.


Metecon actively engages in the following networks:

Mannheim Medical Technology Cluster

Cluster Medizintechnologie Mannheim

Over the last years, Mannheim has acquired an outstanding position in the fields of medical engineering and today is among the most attractive business locations in Germany. The Mannheim Medical Technology Cluster provides for quick access to a wide range of local partners and, therefore, strengthens the competencies and resources of its members. Metecon is a member of the executive board, Alexander Fink acts as an expert consultant in the fields of regulatory approval.

Medical Technology Cluster

Forum MedTech Pharma e. V.

Forum MedTech Pharma e.V. is the largest health care industry network in Germany and Europe. It identifies expert high-tech competence and potential in industry and science. The aim is to trigger innovations in the health care sector, thus, increasing the efficiency and quality of medical care.Forum Medtech Pharma e. V.

MedicalMountains GmbH

MedicalMountains cluster management wants to strengthen the international competitiveness of national companies in the medical engineering industry and is a joint association of IHK Schwarzwald-Baar-Heuberg, the administrative district of Tuttlingen, the Natural and Medical Sciences Institute at the University of Tübingen (NMI), the Surgical Mechanics Guild Baden Württemberg, the Hahn Schickard Society for Applied Research e. V., and the Constance Chamber of Crafts.

MedicalMountains GmbH

Medical Valley EMN e. V.

The Medical Valley European Metropolitan Region Nuremberg (EMN) is one of the economically strongest and most innovative medical technology clusters in the world. Partners from the industry, research, health care, and politics have joined in this interdisciplinary network. The joint aim is to provide successful solutions for the healthcare of tomorrow.

Medical Valley EMN e. V.

Project partners

To be able to meet all kinds of different requirements, Metecon has established long-term, close partnerships with different companies:

en.co.tec Schmid KG

For many years, the Austrian company en.co.tec with its founder and managing director Martin Schmid and Metecon have been connected in trustful friendship. Good to see that this friendship is developing into a promising cooperation now. We look forward to it very much and are sure that our competencies will wonderfully complement each other in joint projects for the benefit of our customers.

en.co.tec specializes in the implementation and maintenance of quality management systems (process landscape, QM manual, sample processes, quality management training, audits, etc.) and complements our services for medical device manufacturers in Austria in an ideal manner.
en.co.tec Schmid KG

Prof. Dr. Christian Johner
- Institute for Healthcare IT

Our ultimate aim is to provide each customer with exactly the solution they need. And sometimes a customer needs something we do not offer. It is perfect if you can recommend the right partner in such situation and create a win-win situation for everybody involved.

We highly appreciate our cooperation with Christian Johner as he is THE specialist in Germany when it comes to development and approval of medical software. Together with his team he provides advice to numerous medical device manufacturers in Europe and the USA; among his customers are also several notified bodies. Professor Johner is head of the “Institute for Healthcare IT” that offers workshops and advanced training (Master of Science and MBA) for experts and managers.

Johner Institut


MIKROTECH, a test and development laboratory and technical service provider, offers first-class services for setting up miniaturized circuits and all related peripheral steps. Over the last 30 years, Edmund Hartung, owner and managing director of MIKROTECH, was able to continuously build and extend his enormous wealth of experience in the fields of SMD, COB, and adhesive technology.