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Leverage your talents with us! The possibilities are manifold: whether as an experienced professional or a career changer or graduate for our trainee program.

Whenever possible we offer students the opportunity to gain their first practical experience as research assistants or prepare their bachelor/master thesis with us.

Take a look around and we will see you soon!

We'll show you what it's like to work with us. Do you have any questions? Or do you have expertise that we are not actively looking for at the moment, but that fits into our portfolio?

Then please contact our human resources manager, Wiebke Hermanns! She is always happy to take the time for you and will answer all your questions.

And who knows: maybe your unsolicited application will become a completely new Metecon requirement? We look forward to talking with you!

Please submit your speculative application

Wiebke Hermanns - Human Resources

Wiebke Hermanns

Human Resources

Interview Process: 1st interview, 2nd interview, Trial day, offer

We know that you are waiting to hear feedback from us, and we do our best to evaluate your application as soon as possible. Depending on the posted position and the number of applications we receive, it may sometimes take us several days; please accept our apologies in that case.

If we are convinced by your application, we will get in touch with you and schedule an appointment for an interview.
We, at Metecon, allow several colleagues to help decide whether they would like to work with you - and we want you to get to know as many future colleagues as possible so that you can get an idea of who we are.In addition to all the professional qualifications that you bring with you, it is very important for us that we fit together.

That doesn’t mean you have to love the same food as we do. We all have different tastes. Some people think we don't even work in the same way. But you will find that out for yourself.

Please be punctual for our scheduled appointment. Our office is located very close to the Water Tower, one of the central locations in Mannheim. Our Address: Q7 21, 68161 Mannheim- The crowded square block!

Mannheimers know our street as "Fressgass'", and it is rightly named.
Please be sure that you have enough time for interview.

Working at Metecon: One thing is ures

As an applicant, you should enjoy understanding complex tasks and be able to process them in a structured manner. In our work, there is no pattern, we rarely do the same thing twice. Instead, we have to constantly acquire new specialist knowledge for each project and transfer it into practice, have very good conceptual skills, find individual solutions, make courageous decisions, consciously take the lead with the customer and confidently take the customer by the hand. Communication skills, self and project management are the cornerstones of our project success.

We nurture trusting, long-term relationships with our customers, are discussion partners, innovators, implementers - in short: service masters. Sometimes, however, this also means that we achieve results that the customer did not expect and perhaps did not even want. Because the customer's well-being is always in the foreground for us, we can endure that. You too?

We advise AND implement the strategies we develop. That's why you as an applicant should have communication skills, enjoy the exchange and discourse with our customers, and be enthusiastic about diving deep into new knowledge and making it useful for you.

Your first days with us

If we reach an agreement, your first workday is just around the corner. Before you start, we will stay in touch and you will have to provide some more information and documents.

We have a clear plan for your on-boarding process so your first couple of days will be very busy: You will get to know all colleagues, go through required safety trainings, be introduced to our tools and techniques, and in addition also receive specific training from your team.

All colleagues are happy to support you and always there for you.

We are not a family – after all, you cannot choose your family. But we are good colleagues for each other and therefore take care of each other.

We respect the individuality of each colleague, promote our talents, support and trust each other. And often colleagues become real friends.

Setting a good example

Are you looking for a fast track career? Then you are probably better off in a large company. We value initiative and responsibility, which is why we have flat hierarchies and short decision paths. Still, we allow for growth - personally, professionally and financially. We will be happy to explain what this looks like during your first interview.

You will be assigned a buddy for the first few months. If necessary, you can choose your own mentor, which can be very valuable for professional and personal development, especially for younger colleagues.

Alexander Fink, Founder and CEO, Metecon GmbH

We are self-determined in our work, because we are convinced that this is the most appreciative way of collaborating.

The counterpart of freedom and self-determination is responsibility. That's why those who willingly accept the responsibility of making decisions for themselves and their team are a good fit for us.

Permanent employment contracts are standard at our company. Of course, we offer a wide variety of working time models and the option of remote working, but fixed-term employment contracts contradict our principle of equality and mutual respect.

We don't mind the occasional crunch, because our dynamic nature and the desire to change are the requirements for improvement. Are you satisfied? Speak up! We're not looking for troublemakers and constant complainers, but we don't want the flags in the wind either. Get involved and don't shy away from every conflict - an agile company needs people like you and so do our customers, after all, because they trust us to find the best solution. - it is not always the one that the customer prefers.

Our success as a participant in the TOP JOB employer competition proves that we are on the right track: As a first-time participants we were able to convince the jury in every respect, and achieved the overall victory in size class A (up to 100 employees), and are therefore we were “Employer of the year 2018”. Jury quote: “The jury rewards a management culture that keeps an eye on and constantly nurtures the well-being of the company and the employees alike.”

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