About Metecon

We are a strategic partner for manufacturers of medical devices and IVD. Our 50-strong team will advise and support you in all matters relating to market access and market observation. We accompany you through your entire development process with all necessary additional services in the areas of technical documentation, clinical affairs, verification and validation, regulatory affairs and quality management.


Our customers are strong when it comes to development. We know how to test, document and launch medical devices efficiently. The results are a
quick and safe throughout the development process.

Purpose of Our Work

We regularly experience that successful manufacturers of medical devices and IVD do not see their "notified bodies" and other surveillance authorities as partners with whom they strive for optimal solutions, but perceive them as threats. Therefore, we want to enable you, the manufacturers, to communicate with Notified Bodies and authorities as well as with users and patients on an equal footing.

We want to make sure that the excellent technical quality of your medical devices and in-vitro diagnostics is also reflected in the processes and the documentation. We see it as our success if you can concentrate on your technical competence and your processes and documentation allow uncomplicated rapid market access. The fact that we also reduce your liability risks and increase safety for your patients and users is another desired effect.

How We Work

We are experts in all those areas where our customers have insufficient capacities to manage or would have to gain new skills and abilities. This is how we solve shortfalls on manufacturer side or prevent them right from the beginning.

We see ourselves as process supervisor, enabler, and development partner for our customers. Our team includes specialists experienced in various fields for hardware and software development, study and test planning, documentation, clinical affairs, QM, and regulatory affairs. All colleagues are employed on a permanent basis, because only then are we able to provide the quality, continuity, and reliability that will really benefit our customers.

From the beginning, valued, long-term customer relationships have been more important to us than short-term profit. And we will keep it that way.

The right offer for every challenge

You can build on our experience and know-how in Regulatory Compliance: Since 1999, Metecon has been a strategic partner for our customers in the creation and maintenance of product files for medical devices and IVDs, in the verification and validation of these products, for all aspects in the areas of clinical affairs and regulatory affairs, as well as in the optimization of quality management processes.

Metecon Logo

The Metecon-DigiLab has been expanding our Portfolio - also since 2020 - our service portfolio in a meaningful way. In order to accelerate RA digitization on the manufacturer side, DigiLab acts as an interpreter between software providers and medical device manufacturers and converts software into regulatory affairs and vice versa: DigiLab supports manufacturers efficiently and in doing so completely objectively in the selection and implementation of suitable software tools for regulatory affairs.

DigiLab Metecon

Since 2020, Metecon's sister company CEyoo GmbH has been acting as a legal manufacturer for medical technology companies that want to handle their regulatory affairs processes more efficiently, i.e. CEyoo takes over the regulatory tasks and duties of a manufacturer. This includes the efficient planning, implementation and documentation of quality management and market surveillance as well as all associated liability risks.

Employer award

Company history until today

  • 2021
    Metecon is a Great Place to Work! What does that mean? That our more than 50 colleagues agree that fairness, credibility, team spirit and trust play an important role in our corporate culture. Thank you very much for your trust!
  • 2020
    We are a TOP JOB award winner for the second time! The jury has given us excellent marks for employee development and family-friendliness and confirmed that we all enjoy being successful entrepreneurs within the company. For us, this is a signal that we are on the right track.
  • 2018
    Metecon is the winner of the TOP JOB employer competition and thus "Employer of the Year 2018"; in addition, we are one of four companies to receive the special seal "Top Employer 2018 Focus Women".

  • 2017
    With the MDR, our work becomes more explosive and important: manufacturers have to be sensitized, texts interpreted, deadlines met. And we can prove that we live up to our name as a "strategic partner."
  • 2016
    We do away with hierarchies and the organization chart is upside down:
    Middle management does not exist at our company; the talents and abilities of each individual are strengthened and promoted; those who bear special responsibility are at the service of their colleagues*.
  • 2015
    Companies must create benefits - not only for customers, but also for employees: Metecon takes first steps towards participation and self-organization.

Organisational chart

  • 2011
    More space for everyone: From townhouse N1, it's off to the water tower with plenty of room for growth and new ideas.
  • 2006
    DIN 9001 and DIN 13485 determine our work process; Metecon employs eight engineers at this time.
  • 2005 Change of strategy:
    We become experts in documentation, verification and market access.

  • 2003
    Change of name to Metecon GmbH.
  • 1999
    Established metecon Ingenieurbüro Kamecke & Fink GbR for the development of functional samples and prototypes for medical technology.

Metecon 1999

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