"Navigating IVDR Compliance"

Webinar in collaboration with BSI, 03/20/2024

Navigating IVDR Compliance: How to Best Work with a Notified Body for an Efficient Transition

Webinar in collaboration with BSI, 03/20/2024

Communication and cooperation with a notified body is not always easy from a manufacturer's point of view. The EU proposal from January 2024 comes at the right time, as it promises more time for the implementation of IVDR. A deceptive conclusion, according to our speakers - who provided actionable strategies and lessons learned in their presentations:

Our guest Charlotte Hess, Business Development Manager Regulatory Services for IVD at BSI Group, presented valuable tips from the perspective of a notified body, in particular how to efficiently organize the cooperation between you as a manufacturer and a notified body: "The IVDR Application Process - What Do You Need to Know?".

Subsequently, Dr. Sandra Reuter, Team Lead IVD at Metecon, shared her experiences and tips on the topic of "IVDR Implementation - Lessons Learned & Best Practices" and showed how you can make the most of the IVDR transition period.

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If you would like to discuss specific IVD topics in more detail, please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Kerris Klug, Head of Business Development at Metecon to arrange a personal meeting. Kerris looks forward to hearing from you at +49 621 123469-041 or by email at kerris.klug@metecon.de.

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